Massage Therapy & Relaxation Massages 

Somanti Therapeutic Massage
1 HR 15 min   i   $120

1 HR   i   $105

Healing Touch Therapeutic Massage
1 HR   i   $95

1 HR  30 min  I $140

Lymphatic Drainage Massage
1 HR   i   $95

Prenatal Therapeutic Massage
1 HR   i   $95

Therapeutic Massage
1 HR   i   $95

1 HR  30 MIN i   $130

Youth Therapeutic Massage
30 min   I   $60
45 min   i   $75

Indian Scalp Massage(ADD ON)
15 min   i   $30

aromatic Indian Scalp Massage 
45 min   i   $70

Full Body Relaxation Massage
1 HR   i   $90

Relax your senses with this amazing signature massage! Includes an aromatic foot soak & scrub to relax your soles. Aromatherapy to relax your mind. Therapeutic massage to relax your body. A healing mind clearing technique to relax your soul!

Hot stone massage therapy helps melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness and increase circulation & metabolism. Hot stones, when coupled with massage, also helps to expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body.

A beautiful combination of Healing touch & therapeutic massage to balance all of your senses! Feel yourself again with this chakra balancing massage!

Lymphatic Drainage is a very soft and gentle touch that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. Covered under most insurances.

Our prenatal massages include well-targeted techniques that will meet the specific relaxation needs of the future mother and baby! Our specialized pillows are designed to bring comfort throughout all stages of pregnancy. Covered under most insurances.

This massage is perfect for kids under the age of 16! We just need a parent's consent signature for this treatment! Covered under most insurances.

Feel the tension leave the body even more with an extra 15 minutes of scalp, neck & shoulder massage! A great add on to any relaxation service!

The scalp is massaged with a combination of oils that provide nourishment and hydration, and that strengthen the hair and root system. The head is wrapped in soothing hot towels to allow the oils to be infused. A shoulder, neck, face and arm massage completes the experience.

A full body relaxation massage performed by our amazing spa therapists. Not Covered under insurances!

Registered Massage Therapy

Relaxation Massages

*Not Covered by insurance

60 or 90 minutes of therapeutic massage by our wonderful RMTs. You decide the area & pressure that you want to be treated! Covered by most insurance plans!

* For kids under 16 years of age only*

45 min   i   $85

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